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Ferry Corsten, born December 4, 1973, in Rotterdam, is a Dutch producer and disc jockey, playing mostly trance and techno music. Corsten has been making his audience dance since the early 1990s under names such as System F, Moonman, Pulp Victim, Ferr, and Albion. He went on to the top of the Dutch charts with his hit Out of the Blue, in 1998. Later, he became known with a hit named Cry, sung by Saskia Lee Atjaam.

Ferry Corsten has trained several duos with a great electronic scene like Tiësto (alliance named Gouryella), Benny Benassi (FB), and Vincent de Moor (Veracocha). He also remixed Armin van Buuren, Moby, Paul van Dyk and U2. It was only in 2004 that he released his first album, Right of Way, under his real name. He adapted his song The Love I Lost for Japanese star Ayumi Hamasaki who wrote lyrics and their collaboration culminated in the song Connected on one of Ayumi Hamasaki's albums. In 2006, he decided to take another turn by producing L.E.F, an album with electronic sounds rather than Trance. Several titles of L.E.F. have come out as singles such as Fire, Watch Out, Junk, Beautiful as well as his own remix of Into the Dark.

In parallel with the release of L.E.F., he launched his own label Flashover Recordings with which he will release his own titles as well as those of artists such as Breakfast, Rafael Frost, P.A.F.F., Tritonal. At the end of 2008, he released his latest album Twice in a Blue Moon (often referred as TIABM) which marks his return to sounds Trance reminiscent of the songs of the album Out of the Blue. On [Who?] Will note the singles releases of his songs BrainBox, RadioCrash, Made of Love, We Belong and Twice in a Blue Moon. On February 1st, 2010, a remix album of Out of the Blue comes out with remixes of DJ Tiësto, Laidback Luke, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Stoneface & Terminal, Rafael Frost among others.

At the same time, Ferry presents its weekly Corsten's Countdown on Digitally Imported every Thursday.


Beginnings (before 1999)

Ferry Corsten was born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He has produced under many other pseudonyms since the publication of his first song at the age of 16 years. As a teenager, he saves money to buy his first musical keyboard by cleaning cars and selling mixtapes to the children in his neighborhood. He then plays with a friend live and wins his first award, De Grote Prijs van Nederland, in the Netherlands in 19952. He recorded several songs with friends and produced, during his time in Rotterdam in the 1990s, hardcore songs and gabber, then clubhouse and trance. His first single to reach musical rankings is entitled Do not Be Afraid under the name of Moonman. In 1997, Corsten and his partner Robert Smit launched a dance label named Tsunami with the Dutch company Purple Eye Entertainment b.v. this junction allows the creation of another possible label, Polar State3. Ferry Corsten will study electronic engineering at Technical Training School and then Higher Technical Education

Popularization (1999-2004)

In February 1999, Corsten's second solo project, System F, was released under the Tsunami label with the album Out of the Blue, whose homonymous song became a worldwide hit, with its 20th place ranking in the musical rankings. British. The next single Cry, produced with Robert Smit reaches the British top 203.

His growing popularity in the 1990s led to cooperation with several popular trance DJs and musicians such as DJ Tiësto (Gouryella, Vimana), Vincent de Moor (Veracocha), and Robert Smit (Starparty). The song Gouryella by the group Gouryella is published in May; the single reaches fifteenth place in the UK Singles Top 75. The next single Walhalla reaches 27th place in the UK Single standings. In 1999, Ferry won the Ericsson Muzik Award for "Artist of the Year" in London1. In September 2000, the third single of Gouryella titled Tenshi is published. In 2000, Corsten also remixed Adagio for Strings by William Orbit and New Year's Day for U2. His remix of Adagio For Strings by Barber is awarded at the Dancestar 2000 Awards. The Trance Nation Ministry of Sound compilation series becomes the most profitable in the UK and is certified platinum3.

In 2002, Ferry contributed to the remixing projects of Japanese superstar Ayumi Hamasaki. He composes and arranges his trance song Connecte, published in 2003 and sold in Germany to 4 million copies1. In 2003, he released his debut album Ferry Corsten, Right of Way, at Heineken Musical Hall in front of 4,500 clubbers in an 8 hour mixset5.
THE F. and Twice In A Blue Moon (2005-2008)

In 2005, Corsten founded his own label, Flashover Recordings, and released his second album as L.E.F. The video of his song Fire is named in the "best trance video" category at the 2006 Trance Awards6.


Ferry Corsten


  • 1996: Looking Forward (under Ferr)
  • 2001: Out of the Blue (under System F)
  • 2003: Together (under System F)
  • 2003: Right of Way
  • 2006: L.E.F.
  • 2008: Twice in a Blue Moon
  • 2012: WKND
  • 2017: Blueprint7


  • Play Station Tour (2003)
  • Right of Way World Tour Album (2004)
  • Heineken Tour (2004)
  • Passport Compilation World Tour (2005)
  • LEF World Album Tour (2006)
  • Tour (2007)
  • Tower (2008)
  • Twice In Blue Moon World Tour (2009)
  • Once Upon A Night World Tour (2010)

Awards and nominations


  • 1989: From Grote Prijs van Nederland
  • 1999: Producer of the Year (Ericsson Muzik Awards) London
  • 1999: Trance Nation 1 - Platinum Sales Award
  • 1999: Trance Nation 2 - Gold Sales Award
  • 1999: Gold Sales Award (Art of Trance - Madagascar (Corsten Remix Ferry))
  • 1999: Trance Nation 3 - Gold Sales Award
  • 1999: Gold Sales Award (System F - Out of the Blue)
  • 1999: Trance Nation 4 - Gold Sales Award
  • 1999: Gold Sales Award (Gouryella - Gouryella)
  • 2000: Dance Star UK Best Remix (William Orbit - Barbers Adagio for Strings)
  • 2000: Gold Sales Award (Gouryella - Walhalla)
  • 2000: Gold Sales Award (Corsten Ferry - Cry)
  • 2000: Gold Sales Award (Veracocha - Carte Blanche)
  • 2000: Dancestar Award: Best Producer of the Year
  • 2000: Silver Harp Award for Outstanding Contributions To Dutch Music
  • 2001: Gold Sales Award (System F - Dance Valley Theme)
  • 2001: Trance Nation 2001 - Silver Sales Award
  • 2001: Gold Sales Award (System F Feat Armin van Buuren - Exhale)
  • 2002: Gold Sales Award (Corsten Ferry - Punk)
  • 2003: BG Magazine Dance Awards: Biggest Hit Award (Rock Your Body Rock)
  • 2005: Best Trance DJ Ibiza
  • 2006: L.E.F. Best selling dance album on Tunes (U.S within 2 weeks after its release)
  • 2007: Best Trance DJ Ibiza
  • 2007: SLAM! FM DJ of the Year


  • 2004: IDMA Best International DJ
  • 2004: IDMA Best Compilation (Corsten Ferry: Mixed Live)
  • 2004: IDMA Best Producer
  • 2004: TMF Dutch Awards Best National DJ
  • 2004: TMF Dutch Best Video Awards (Rock Your Body Rock)
  • 2005: IDMA 20TH Annual International Dance Music Awards
  • 2005: IDMA Best Dance Video (Punk)
  • 2005: IDMA Best Producer
  • 2005: IDMA Best Remixer
  • 2006: IDMA Best Ortofon European DJ
  • 2007: IDMA Best Ortofon European DJ
  • 2008: Ibiza DJ Awards Best Trance Awards
  • 2008: IDMA Best Ortofon European DJ
  • 2008: IDMA Best Ortofon Global DJ
  • 2009: IDMA Best European DJ8
  • 2009: IDMA Best Global DJ8
  • 2009: IDMA Best Producer8
  • 2010: IDMA Best European DJ
  • 2010: IDMA Best Radio Show with Corsten's Countdown
  • 2010: DJ DJ Awards Best DJ Trance

His official website: Official Website