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Hardwell, whose real name is Robbert van de Corput, born January 7, 1988 in Breda, is a Dutch disc jockey and house and electronics producer. He is illustrated in the genres electro house, EDM and big room. In 2008, he became famous thanks to his bootleg Show Me Love vs. Be Robin S., become a hit in clubs around the world, then taken over by Michael Mind. He will later produce numerous singles broadcast in clubs: Spaceman, Encoded1, Cobra1, Apollo but also Zero 76 in collaboration with Tiësto.

In 2010, he created his own label Revealed Recordings. With Alesso, Deniz Koyu and R3hab, Hardwell was named 2011 revelation by MTV. After making a remarkable debut at the 24th position in DJ Mag's Top 100 DJ in 2011, he placed 6th the following year and then became first in 2013, which he keeps in 2014, becoming the youngest DJ of the year. history of the ranking to climb on the first step of the podium (until 2016 when Martin Garrix becomes number 1 at the age of 20).

In 2015, he lost a place in the standings, he found himself 2nd and was overtaken by the Belgian brothers Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. He releases each year compilations named Revealed, the name of his label. His first studio album, United We Are, was released on January 23rd, 2015. In October 2016, after his 3rd place in the Top 100 DJ Mag, Hardwell criticized this ranking which, according to him, did not really represent the talent of the artists but only their popularity. In September 2018, he pauses his DJ career for an indefinite period3.


Hardwell learns piano at six and shows a certain interest in electronic music. From the age of fourteen, he mixed in the most famous clubs of the Netherlands, then accompanied by his parents for each of his performances since he was not allowed to enter alone. In 2008, he made his name on the international scene with his bootleg Show Me Love vs. Be, then played by the best DJs. He founded his own label two years later, Revealed Recordings. In March 2011, he launched his radio show Hardwell on Air, a mix of one hour is since broadcast live every Friday night, composed largely of titles on his label. He released many hits, including Encoded and Cobra, and signed a collaboration with Tiësto, formerly his idol, called Zero 76, referring to the postal code of the city of origin of both Djs, Breda. In October, he made his debut DJ Mag Top 100 DJ in 24th place.

He knows a meteoric rise in 2012. He released his single Spaceman which becomes a reference. In March, he plays for the first time on the main stage of the Miami Ultra Music Festival, then plays Tomorrowland in July. Its set, which reaches 22 million views in 2015 on YouTube, is considered by many to be the best EDM performance of the year. He signs a new major collaboration, with Showtek, How We Do. He is 6th in the Top 100 DJ.

In 2013, he announced a tour of the United States, Go Hardwell or Go Home after a tour of Canada with his friends Dyro and Dannic. He released his single Apollo which is a success. In March, he returns to the Miami Ultra Music Festival. Highly anticipated, his set is followed live by 80,000 people, then a record. On YouTube, his performance surpasses that of his own set at Tomorrowland 2012, and is unanimously recognized as the best of the festival. His set of the Ultra Music Festival 2013 becomes in February 2014, with more than 28 million views, the most watched live-set DJ of all time, before being overtaken by David Guetta's set at the same festival a year later (50 million views). In April, he launched his world tour I Am Hardwell. Like the year before, he plays at the Belgian festival Tomorrowland. Once again highly anticipated, Hardwell is living up to expectations. In October 2013, he surpassed Armin van Buuren and became the DJ of the world's most popular DJ Mag ranking, which he will keep the following year.

Since 2012, Hardwell finishes a lot of his sets by Hardstyle with the remix of Spaceman by Headhunterz, his taste for this musical style grows as the years go by. It was in 2016 that he decided to produce his first official Hardstyle title in collaboration with Sephyx, which is the remix of The Chainsmokers entitled Do not Let Me Down, a big success right out.




Top 100 DJ Mag

  • 2011: # 24 (Enter)
  • 2012: # 6 (+18)
  • 2013: # 1 (+5) 7
  • 2014: # 1 (=) 8
  • 2015: # 2 (-1) 9
  • 2016: # 3 (-1) 10
  • 2017: # 4 (-1)
  • 2018: # 3 (+1)

His official website: Official Website