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John Digweed, born January 1, 1967, in Hastings, England, is a disc jockey and musical producer, known to have popularized progressive house with his friend Sasha. Founder of the label Bedrock Records with Nick Muir, Digweed is elected in 2001 the world's best DJ by DJ Magazine.

Digweed has decided to focus, throughout his professional career, on his work as a DJ, leaving aside in a certain way his facet as a producer. In fact, as a producer, Digweed has only published a handful of mixes with the alias of Bedrock. However, as a DJ he is considered unanimously as one of the best in the world.

In 2001 he was chosen as the best DJ in the world by the magazine DJmag and in 2011 he ranked number 55 in the same magazine. In the magazine, TheDjlist is considered the number 45 of the best DJ in the world.

Maximum icon of the electronic genre Progressive House, in which he dabbled in the early nineties and by the end of the same began to consolidate as an eximio global DJ. John Digweed is part of the restricted roster of DJs who make a hole in the Hall of Fame of the DJs after having worked hard. His sets all over the world are already a classic, especially when he plays in the cockpit next to Sasha, in addition to becoming a good opportunity to listen to quality progressive House, world-renowned for its coconut sounds, and high.

His ambition as a DJ started when he was very young when he came home from school to practice with his old turntables. Later he would get the first job as a DJ at a hotel where he performed for some high school parties. In 1987 he moved to London but had no luck with the tapes he sent to the different clubs in the city. Digweed had to improvise his first nights Bedrock in Hastings where he managed to be a prophet in his land. In 1992, The Ssuperdiscoteca Reinassance signed him and Digweed did not lose the opportunity to develop his particular definition of house music. Some critics baptized his style as "House epic", own style that served him to compile compilations of the same Renaissance, in addition to making some remixes.

Precisely his first collection for Renaissance was mixed with the one that from then on would be his partner, Sasha. This first edition of the collection had a very good review, providing credibility to the English House. His first track would come immediately after, For What You Dream Of 'with Nick Muir and under the alias that will accompany him during his career, Bedrock in reference to the cartoon series, The Flintstones, which besides being a great song, became in one of the anthems of the movie Trainspotting. For a long time both Sasha and John Digweed himself enjoyed a residency at the Twilo club in New York, before John opened the Bedrock nights at the Heaven Club in the English capital. His London nights as well as his popular Northern Exposure mixes took him to the covers of a bunch of specialized magazines.

In November 98 he recorded the first Global Underground (Sydney). A little later, in 1999, he edited the G.U. dedicated to Hong Kong and in 2001 the third G.U., this time in homage to Los Angeles. He also founded his Bedrock label in 1999, which not only became a platform for him to edit his own songs, but also used it for other trancero house lovers, signing pioneers such as Jimmy Van M, Moonface, Science Department and Steve. Lawler among others. That same year, Digweed began to take the taste of the British top with a sixth place among 100 Dj's voted in the magazine Dj Magazine. Especially thanks to its breakthrough Heaven Scent, in which Digweed gives life to that kind of dark house-tech-trance that would bring so much fame along with Sasha. In November of 2000 it would jump to the third position of the classification of Dj Magazine.

His 2002 Delta Heavy Spring tour with Sasha and Jimmy Van M all over the United States and the soundtrack for the film Stark Raving Mad take him back to the top spot on the international covers. Stark Raving Mad has not been his only relation with the cinema since in 2000 it appears at the end of the film Groove of Greg Harrison that tries to document to the public on the scene raver Underground of San Francisco.


John Digweed



  • 1994: Journeys by DJ Vol 4 - (Music Unites)
  • 1994: Sasha & John Digweed - Renaissance: The Mix Collection (Renaissance)
  • 1995: Renaissance - The Mix Collection Part 2 (Renaissance)
  • 1996: Sasha & John Digweed - Northern Exposure (Ministry of Sound, Ultra Records)
  • 1997: Sasha & John Digweed - Northern Exposure 2 (Ministry of Sound, Ultra Records)
  • 1997: The Winning Ticket (Jackpot)
  • 1998: Global Underground 006: Sydney (Boxed)
  • 1999: Bedrock (INCredible, Ultra Records / Bedrock / Sony)
  • 1999: Sasha & John Digweed - Northern Exposure: Expeditions (INCredible, Ultra Records)
  • 1999: Global Underground 014: Hong Kong (Boxed)
  • 2000: Sasha & John Digweed - Communicate (Ultra Records, Kinetic Records)
  • 2001: Global Underground 019: Los Angeles (Boxed)
  • 2002: MMII (Bedrock Records)
  • 2003: Stark Raving Mad (Thrive Records)
  • 2004: Layered Sounds (Bedrock Records)
  • 2005: Fabric 20 (Fabric)
  • 2005: Choice - A Collection of Classics (Azuli Records)
  • 2005: Layered Sounds 2 (Bedrock Records)
  • 2006: Transitions (Renaissance) / (Thrive Records)
  • 2007: Transitions 2 & 3 (Renaissance)
  • 2008: Transitions 4 (Renaissance)
  • 2008: Bedrock 10 Past Present Future (Bedrock Records)
  • 2009: Bedrock Eleven (Bedrock Records)
  • 2010: Structures
  • 2014: Traveler (Bedrock Records)

Singles & Remix

  • 1993: Ramirez - "Terapia (Hocus Pocus)" (DMC UK Mix) (Music Man Records)
  • 1993: Bedrock - "For What You Dream Of" (Stress Records)
  • 1994: Sasha - "Magic" (John Digweed 3D Mix) (Deconstruction)
  • 1994: Sultana - "Te Amo" (John Digweed 's Full On Mix)
  • 1995: Marco Polo - "A Prayer To The Music" (Northern Exposure Mix)
  • 1996: Chakra - I Am (Digweed and Muir 'Bedrock' Mix)
  • 1997: Bedrock - "Set In Stone" / "Forbidden Zone" (Stress Records)
  • 1999: Danny Tenaglia - John Digweed's Bedrock Mix
  • 1999: Bedrock - "Heaven Scent" (Bedrock Records)
  • 2000: Bedrock - "Voices" (Bedrock Records)
  • 2000: Underworld - "Cowgirl" (Bedrock Mix)
  • 2001: Bedrock - "Beautiful Strange" (Bedrock Records)
  • 2001: Orb - "Once More ..." (Bedrock Edit)
  • 2002: Bedrock - "Emerald" (Bedrock Records)
  • 2003: Bedrock - "Forge" (Bedrock Breaks)
  • 2005: Bedrock - "Santiago" (Bedrock Records)
  • 2006Structure: "Warung Beach" (Bedrock Records)
  • 2007: Bedrock - "Heaven scent (greg downey remix)" (Bedrock Records)
  • 2007: John Digweed - "Gridlock" (Renaissance)
  • 2009: John Digweed & Nick Muir - "Tangent" (Bedrock Records)


  • Sasha & John Digweed presents Delta Heavy (System Recordings)


  • 1996: Journey By DJ Marathon (John Digweed, Oakenfold Paul, Coldcut, DJ Rap), mix
  • 2000: Ministry Presents Clubland Collective Vol. 02
  • 2006: Sasha & John Digweed presents Delta Heavy (System Recordings) (DVD)

His official website: Official Website