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Skrillex, whose real name is Sonny John Moore, born January 15, 1988 in Los Angeles, is an American DJ and composer of electronic music. After growing up in northern California, Sonny Moore joined the post-hardcore band From First to Last as a singer in 2004 and recorded two studio albums (Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has a Body Count in 2004, and Heroine in 2006) before embarking on a solo musical career3,4. He launches his first solo tour the same year. In addition to a new group band, Sonny Moore plays at the Alternative Press Tour in support of bands such as All Time Low and The Rocket Summer and appears on the cover of Alternative Press's "100 groups to know".

After the release of his Gypsyhook EP in 2009, Sonny Moore announces the release of his first solo album, Bells, alongside producer Noah Shain. However, he stops production of the album and launches under the new name of Skrillex, then publishes his free EP download My Name Is Skrillex via his profile MySpace. Subsequently, he published the EP Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites at the end of 2010, and More Monsters and Sprites in mid 2011, well received by the specialized press. On November 30, 2011, he was nominated for a total of five Grammy Awards in the "Best Artist" category, and won in the categories "best dance / electronica album", "best dance song", and "best remixed song". On December 5, 2011, the BBC announced its nomination for the Sound of 2011. On December 12, 2011, he was named Dance Artist of the Year by MTV.


Sonny Moore was born on January 15, 1988 in Los Angeles in the Highland Park area of northeastern Los Angeles. However, at the age of two, he moved to the Forest Hill neighborhood of San Francisco, where he attended primary school. At about 9-10 years old, he went to school at a boarding school in the Mojave Desert but eventually returned with his family to Northern California. At the age of twelve, he returned to live in his hometown northeast of Los Angeles where he enrolled in a private academy specialized in the arts. During adolescence, he hides in long hair to hide his acne abundant (his face will keep permanent scars). In 2004, Moore learned of his adoption, and left his family two years later. He attends various punk rock concerts in Latin American neighborhoods in South and East Los Angeles and, later, various electronic music raves in various areas of Echo Park, among others.

From First to Last (2004-2009)

In 2004, Moore went to Matt Good from From First to Last to play guitar on their first album. After a pass for Georgia, Moore plays three producers, Derrick Thomas, Eric Dale, and McHale Butler, and finally becomes the new singer of the group, alongside Good on the guitar. In June 2004, Epitaph Records released their first album alongside their new member, Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has a Body Count.

After several tours, two Vans Warped Tour and one at the Dead by Dawn Tour, they begin the recording of their second album, Heroine alongside the producer Ross Robinson. The album is published in March 2006 by Epitaph. Following the good sales figures and their successful tours, Moore begins to suffer from vocal cord problems, and the band is forced to cancel several evenings. Following his surgery, Moore informs the group of his final departure for a solo musical career. Later, he exposes three demos on his Myspace profile called Signal, Equinox, and Glow Worm.

Solo career (2008-2013)

In February 2008, Alternative Press magazine announced the second annual AP Tour tour, featuring All Time Low, The Rocket Summer, The Matches, Forever the Sickest Kids, and Sonny Moore. The tour begins in Houston, Texas on March 14, then throughout North America, and ends in Cleveland, Ohio on May 2. After touring with Innerpartysystem and Paper Route, Moore plays at Bamboozle on May 2nd. He then played with Hollywood Undead in April 2009 as Sonny and the Blood Monkeys, alongside Chris Null (electric guitar), Sean Friday (drums and percussion) and Aaron Rothe (keyboard and synthesizer). ). Moore finally announces the cancellation of the album Bells. In 2009, he released his first and only EP under the name of Sonny Moore, Gypsyhook.

On June 7th, Moore released his first official EP under the name Skrillex, My Name Is Skrillex for free download. He will be in charge of the programming and will provide vocal parts for the third studio album of the British band Bring Me the Horizon, There Is a Hell, Believe Me I 've Seen It. There Is a Heaven, Let's Keep It A Secret. Later in the year, Sonny begins an international tour with deadmau5 after signing to the label mau5trap and released his second EP, Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites.

In June 2011, More Monsters and Sprites is published on Beatport, and features three titles: First of the Year (Equinox) and two versions of its Ruffneck title. Skrillex released the video for Rock n 'Roll (Will Take You to the Mountain) on its official YouTube page on June 20, 2011. On August 17, 2011, Skrillex announced the foundation of its own label, OWSLA. label will be composed by brostep producers from Bristol KOAN Sound, electro house newcomers Porter Robinson from North Carolina, singer-songwriter Alvin Risk, and M Machine (formerly Metropolis). " On November 8, 2011, Skrillex announces an album titled Voltage and will provide more information from RockSound magazine.2 For unknown reasons, however, the album will never be released December 21, 2011, Skrillex announces the release of Bangarang EP on Beatport on December 23, 2012, on August 12, 2012, he formed a parallel project with Boys Noize called Dog Blood, which will release an EP called Next Order / Middle Finger November 6, 2012, Skrillex releases a limited edition three vinyl case. Skrillex composed the song Bug Hunt for the animated film Wreck-It Ralph, then made a brief appearance.

In 2013, Skrillex formed the group Jack Ü with Diplo. Jack Ü's first performance was held at the Mad Decent Block Party in San Diego on September 15, 2013, which is a Mad Decent national tour.

Recess (since 2014)

In 2014 released Skrillex's first studio album, Recess, which ranks fourth in the Billboard 200. It contains collaborations with artists such as Diplo, Chance The Rapper, Fatman Scoop, Alvin Risk, Ragga Twins and Swedish band Niki & The Dove. The first single of the album, Try It Out (Neon Mix), is a new version of the one contained in the video game Call of Duty: Black Ops II. The single giving its title to the album, Recess, is unveiled in July 2014. This piece is a collaboration with Kill the Noise, Fatman Scoop and the singer of indie rock band Passion Pit, Michael Angelakos.

Stage service

The artist attaches great importance to the visual aspect of his concerts and always marks his sets with an atypical performance. During one of his world tours, Skrillex mixes in what he calls The Cell. It is a high-definition image projection technique that allows you to create a three-dimensional synthesis on a physical structure. He combines this process with a motion capture technology that allows him to synthesize his gestures using sensors placed on him to transcribe them in real time on a screen placed behind him. The spectators see Illgamesh (a 3D model represented in the form of different robots or extraterrestrials) move to the rhythm of its movements.

During his tour entitled The Mothership Tour, which he shares with his friend Dillon Francis, the French producer DJ Snake and the duets Milo and Otis and What So Not, he settles into a sort of spaceship that will take off during the concert to rise up to 8 meters above the stage. The artist is surrounded by smoke cannons and cannons with colorful flames, in addition to an imposing play of lights, multiple LED screens, and lasers pointed over the crowd. The artist is also linked to the drum and bass genre, to which he contributed by producing What Is Light Where Is Laughter and a drum and bass remix by Goin'In from Birdy Nam Nam. Skrillex also has the habit of mixing these genres during his performances.


Skrillex declares in an interview to be a long-time admirer of Warp Records, an electronic music label that has released titles by artists such as Aphex Twin, Squarepusher and also for the Daft Punk.

Private life

In February 2012, Rolling Stone announces Moore's meeting with singer Ellie Goulding through their respective notorieties and music. The couple separated because of their obligations and schedules which prevented them from seeing each other more than once a month.

Grammy Awards (United States)

The Grammy Awards are presented annually by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. Skrillex has won eight awards on 10 nominations, including 2 with the Jack Ü duo. He is, since 2016, the most successful electronic music artist, surpassing the Daft Punk, holders of 6 golden gramophones.




  • 2009: Gypsyhook
  • 2010: My Name is Skrillex
  • 2010: Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites
  • 2011: More Monsters and Sprites
  • 2011: Bangarang
  • 2013: Leaving
  • 2014: Recess
  • 2015: Skrillex and Diplo present Jack Ü


  • 2012: Ralph's Worlds: Musician
  • 2012: Twilight: Chapter 5 - Revelation, Part 2: Musician
  • 2013: Spring Breakers: Co-composer
  • 2014: Divergent: Musician
  • 2016: Suicide Squad: Musician


  • 2014: Let's Make A Spaceship: Himself
  • 2016: Zoolander 2: DJ of the "incrediBal"

His official website: Official Website