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Tiesto was born in Breda, North Brabant, the Netherlands on January 17, 1969 and became a DJ because he likes to share music with other people. "When I was younger, I was listening to a radio show called Soul Show and Ben Liebrand's radio program, he could remix, come with a bunch of other pieces, and then I came up with the idea," I want to I'm doing that!"The productions appeared a little later, in 1995:" I wanted a lot to produce music and I can include it in my sets, because that means more intensity in the whole mix process. I bought some samples, some computer programs, and I started working. All these purchases have really relieved my work. "

In 1997, along with Arny Bink, he created the Black Hole Recordings label, famous today for promoting quality dance music. At Black Hole, Tiësto released compilations series Magik, Nyana and In Search of Sunrise.

2000 - 2004 Beginning of Success

His remix to "Silence" (Delerium) was the first house song ever to be broadcast on an FM radio in North America and was for four weeks in the top 10 in the UK. Also in 2000 appears the second volume of the In Search Of Sunrise compilation. In 2001 Tiësto sets up a new sub-label, Magik Muzik, which releases Tiësto's most successful productions and his favorite tracks. The first releases were in 2001 "Flight 643" and the long awaited album "In My Memory". The record label also released well-known pieces from Umek, Mark Norman and Mojado. After winning most of the dance awards in 2002, Tiësto was crowned with success, being voted DJ number one in the world in the Top 100 of the British magazine DJ Magazine, the only top DJ country worldwide. In Search Of Sunrise 3 - Panama appears all the same year on May 29th.

2003 was a successful year. Tiësto is now officially known as the world's first DJ to organize a solo performance in a stadium with more than 25,000 people. Like Nyana, the DVD "Tiësto in concert" received the golden disc in his native country, as well as the single "Traffic", the first instrumental song of the past 23 years that has reached number one in the charts. In 2003, Tiësto won three TMF-Awards (the Netherlands and Belgium), two Dutch DJ Awards, 1 MTV Europe Awards, and the world's No. 1 DJ Number One in the Top 100 of DJ Magazine.

The year 2004 began promising for Tiësto with a tour in Asia and South America. He also won two TMF-Awards for "Best Dance Act" and "Best DJ". The single "Love Comes Again", produced in collaboration with BT, was also a great success on the European charts, and the album "Just Be" was very well received globally. The album came in only a week's number one in the National Album Charts and in less than 2 months it received the golden disc in the Netherlands.

2004 - Athletes' Parade

The second half of 2004 was an important moment in the Dutch DJ's career. During the Athlete Parade at the Official Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games in Athens, Tiësto had a live performance in the stadium with more than 70,000 people and billions of viewers from all over the world.

Apart from this event, the "Parade of the Athletes" compilation was released worldwide in October 2004 and includes music from the Tiësto set at the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony. Meanwhile, the name of his album "Just Be" has climbed to the charts and has been listening to clubs everywhere.

On Oct. 28, Tiësto once again appears in the Top 100 of DJ Magazine, the only top rated by the international audience. Winning for the third consecutive time this vote demonstrates that it is really the world's superstar DJ. He again organized two "Tiësto In Concert" events in the Netherlands and the first such international event in Belgium, ending 2004 with a tour in South America, North America and a New Year's Eve party in Los Angeles.

Expectations for 2005 were also high. The 2004 Tiësto concert DVD was released worldwide at the beginning of the year and has already reached the top of the list. There was also the release of the long-awaited In Search Of Sunrise 4 compilation. Another special event was Tiësto's performance at Disneyland, being the world's first DJ to have a concert in that magical place.

2006 - Dance 4 Life

In May 2006, Tiësto became world ambassador for Dance4Life, an organization that is struggling to help HIV victims. After the appearance of the organization, a Dance4Life hymn was discussed, so the song was born with the same name, an excellent collaboration with Maxi Jazz - Faithless. Tiësto continues the In Search Of Sunrise series with a new compilation, the 5th subtitled "Los Angeles", which becomes a gold album in Canada with sales of over 50,000 copies.

Also in the same year in a personal note, published on his own site, Tiësto urges his fans not to vote for him in the top of the DJs. Considering that another world number one prize would not make a difference for his career, winning three such awards, Tiësto said: "For the new talented DJs around the world they could make a difference, so I pray everyone who has me vote for new talents, do not vote for me, vote for the new guild! "

2007 - It was "Elements Of Life"

April 6, 2007 is the day when Tiësto starts his own radio show titled "Tiësto's Club Life" hosted by the Dutch radio "Radio 538". The show is broadcast weekly, Friday at 23:00 (Romania time) and lasts for 2 hours.

The long-awaited album "Elements Of Life" appears on the market in April of the same year and sells to 72,000 copies only on appearance. The album contains tracks already known to the public such as "Dance4Life" or "He's a Pirate," the song in the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Dead Man's Trunk". Tiësto collaborated with important artists of the time: BT, Maxi Jazz (Faithless), Christian Burns (BBMak / Inhaler), Jes and Julie Thompson. This album combines elements of trance, progressive and rock music, making the Dutch DJ go back to the specialty charts.

After reaching record sales in the Netherlands, Belgium and Hungary, "Elements Of Life" also received the golden disc in Romania in September 2007. Also received Best Electronic Album at that year's International Dance Music Awards . In September, "In Search Of Sunrise," the 6th subtitled Ibiza, which was to win the "Best Full Length DJ Mix CD", appeared at the Winter Music Conference Awards in Miami in 2008.

Elements Of Life World Tour

The concept behind the latest studio album was the basis of a tour called "Elements Of Life World Tour", which led Tiësto all over the world with a huge success. As the four elements: earth, fire, air and water are absolutely necessary to maintain life on Earth, the organizers presented the spectators in all their splendor. The result was a stunning show with high-end special effects, high-definition video screens, lasers, lights and a water-shifting system all synchronized with the rhythms of Tiësto's music. On April 8, 2008, Tiësto announces "Elements of Life Remixed," composed of remixes of songs on the album "Elements of Life", less "He's A Pirate," which is replaced by No More Heroes, a production made together with the Blue Man Group trio.

Tiësto continues the series of successes with a new volume of the In Search Of Sunrise series, Volume 7, subtitled Asia. The compilation was mixed and recorded in Thailand, where Tiësto captured and combined the passion for people's lives and purity. Asia has given him inspiration to produce a new CD from his experiences on his travels. "The first disc will be ambient and I'm trying to put some of the beauty of the place, and the second will focus on the incredible energy the Asian people have shown and felt during the tour of the continent." The launch took place on June 10, 2008 and was followed by the North American tournament.

The story of the famous DJ continues. On 08-08-2008 Tiësto entered history as the world's first DJ to play on the famous O2 Arena in London, the concert being part of the In Search Of Sunrise 7 compilation tour.

2008: Residence in Privilege

Tiësto announced his residency in the Privilege Club of Ibiza, a club that was recognized by the Record of Records as the world's largest club. He has mixed each Monday for the period July 7 - September 22, 4 hours in the In Search Of Sunrise style.

2009: Kaleidoscope and New World Tour

A new residency for Tiësto in the Privilege club is announced for Tiësto in the summer of 2009, the resident who uses it to test the new musical style announced earlier this year. This new style is found on the fourth artist album, Kaleidoscope, released on October 6, 2009. The new album has nothing to do with what precedes it, it does not follow any musical trajectory and its name suits it because of the variety of musical styles and reflects his current style, lifestyle and some of his unspoiled music.




Studio albums

  • 2001: In My Memory
  • 2004: Just Be
  • 2007: Elements of Life
  • 2009: Kaleidoscope

Other albums

  • 2004: Parade of the Athletes
  • 2006: Just Be: Remixed
  • 2008: Elements of Life: Remixed


  • 1999: Live at Innercity: Amsterdam RAI
  • 2003: Another Day at the Office
  • 2003: Tiësto in Concert
  • 2004: Tiësto in Concert 2
  • 2008: Copenhagen: Elements of Life World Tour
  • 2009: In Search Of Sunrise Asia DVD

His official website: Official Website