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Avicii (pronounced / əviːtʃi /), stylized ΛVICII, by his real name Tim Bergling, born September 8, 1989 in Stockholm (Sweden) and died on April 20, 2018 in Muscat (Oman), is a Swedish producer, musician and disc jockey . He has also produced titles under the pseudonyms of Tim Berg and Tom Hangs.

He made himself known with his title Seek Bromance, under his alias Tim Berg in 2011. His single Levels allows him to know a worldwide notoriety. Subsequently, his piece Wake Me Up! is one of the hits of summer 2013 and dethrones many records. He is considered one of the most important disc jockeys of the electronic scene.

Suffering from depression, he commits suicide at the age of 28.



Avicii was born on September 8, 1989 in Stockholm, where he lived until 2012. His mother is Swedish actress Anki Lidén. His half-brother Anton Körberg (born in 1977) is a radio and television broadcaster.

Private life

At the end of April 2018, one week after Avicii's death, the model Tereza Kacerova says she was his companion.

Musical debut (2007-2010)

He begins producing at the age of seventeen with a remix of the music from the game Lazy Jones, released on the computer Commodore 64. The title of the remix is Lazy Lace, released under the label Strike Recordings.

He puts his music online on music blogs. In February 2007, he posted a message where he suggested to Internet users to listen to his songs, but he does not get answers. However, his activity, under the pseudonym Timberman, does not go unnoticed and it is on one of these blogs that his future manager notices.

Before being known under his stage name, Avicii uses different pseudonyms, like Tim Berg and Tom Hangs, to enlarge his listening network via the MySpace page he has just created to share his productions. It was his friends who pushed him to spread his music on blogs, judging that it was of high quality. On this occasion, he finds his stage name, a little by chance, by wanting to choose a nickname for his MySpace account: while all the nicknames he wants are already taken, even his own name, he remembers that one of his friends had told him about the first level of the Buddhist hell, "Avici". Avicii plays guitar and piano, but he does not excel, so he continues on music software, FL Studio, that a friend showed him and with which he hangs right away.

In 2007, Avicii released his first title, Manman, for the Pete Tong Bedroom Bedlam1 label. He wins the Pete Tong Fast Trax. Avicii is acclaimed by 70% of the public and therefore leaves the title. He is subsequently contacted by numerous labels around the world. Avicii gives an important place to the melody in his productions. He signed at At Night Management in May 2008; a month later, the record label talks about him at the labels Joia Records, Vicious Grooves and Ministry of Sound. Avicii signs at Vicious Grooves in Australia. At 19, he released the single Sound of Now, followed by his "EP" containing Muja and Record Breaker, remixes by D.O.N.S., Roger Sanchez, Richard Gray & Erick Morillo. He also records mixes for Livin Joy, Phonat, Little Boots, and Paul Thomas.

In 2009, he released his third title, Ryù, which will be present two weeks in the charts before being playlisted in Pete Tong's Essential Mix. A week later, he won the This Week's Essential New Tune Award and is named Track of the Week in episode 113 of the Tiesto's Club Life podcast.

First album (2013-2014)

In January 2013, Tim Berg launches his project Avicii x You. He creates a melody on the piano and the post on the dedicated website aviciixyou.com, asking his musicians fans to help him find other elements of the piece (a bass line, a break, and a drum line). In February, the winners are selected by Avicii and the title is published under the name X You. The title does not get commercial success. At the beginning of the year, he releases a free song, Three Million (The Love Is So Amazing), with the singer Negin.

2013 is also the year of Avicii's first solo album. His performance on stage creates the buzz: while most viewers expect atypical productions of the DJ, musicians, including singer Aloe Blacc, go on stage and start playing live with Avicii. On the Internet, where the live is broadcast, many show their astonishment. Most of the songs played at this time, supposed to be those of his first album, are totally different from the other titles played by the DJs in this kind of festival, displaying clear influences pop even country. Avicii can be explained on social networks22. Despite the negative reviews that emerge, some artists and journalists welcome his risk-taking.

In April 2013, he published on Soundcloud a promotional mix containing songs from his album, which are also played at the Ultra Music Festival. He then composes with two members of the ABBA group, Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson, the credits for the 2013 Eurovision Final, which takes place in Malmö, Sweden. The track, titled We Write the Story, is played on May 18 in the finals.

In June, he released the first single from his album: Wake Me Up !. The title is composed by Avicii and guitarist Mike Einziger and sung by Aloe Blacc. In the United Kingdom, the single is the best start of the year with more than 260,000 copies sold the first week, and beats sales records worldwide during the summer and the rest of the year, rising in first position several weeks in a row on the Beatport website but also in France, the United States or Germany. The single is one of the titles that were criticized during the Bergling set at the Ultra Music Festival.

Meanwhile, GQ magazine is making a scandal by publishing an interview with Avicii in which its fans are judged as addicts and where Avicii claims that being a DJ is easy and does not get ready before his live shows. A few days later, the artist attacks the magazine directly on Facebook, stating in particular that the journalist who took care of the interview "knows nothing about the electro scene, does not want to know more [... ] and miserably failed in his work by distorting [his words] ".

In September, he released his first album, True. He knows an immediate commercial success. Most of the songs in his album are a mix of Avicii's Progressive House and more distant styles of electro music, like country music. The second single of the album, You Make Me, is sung by Salem Al Fakir and achieves commercial success, less than the previous single, however. The third single of the album is Hey Brother sung by Dan Tyminski, ranks among others number 1 in Sweden, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. It's also Avicii's fourth single, with the two previous titles and I Could Be The One, to reach the No. 1 position in the UK in 2013. On November 9, he starts his True Tour at the Hollywood Bowl from Los Angeles.

Avicii is one of the headliners of the iTunes Festival in London alongside Lady Gaga, Elton John, Ellie Goulding, Katy Perry among others and sold out on February 14, 2014, at the Palais Omnisports in Paris. -Bercy as part of his world tour. This is his second visit to Paris after technoparade in 2009.

World Tour and Health Problems (2014-2017)

Avicii announces on Twitter in January 2014 that he is working on the creation of a second album. On February 27, 2014, the streaming music platform Spotify announces that its song Wake Me Up! is the first title to reach 200 million plays. On the social network Instagram, his manager Ash Pournouri publishes screenshots of an album called True: Avicii by Avicii, suggesting that Swedish would prepare an album composed of songs from his first album completely remixed himself bringing the opportunity to give a truly electro touch to some of the songs on the album that is closer to pop. The release date of this remix album is then announced for March 24, 2014.

Avicii collaborates with Chris Martin of the band Coldplay on the song A Sky Full of Stars, from the album Ghost Stories of the English band. The track was released on April 30, 2014, as the second single from the album. Following Avicii collaborated with David Guetta to produce the title Lovers on the Sun, we can recognize the imprint of DJ David Guetta Swedish although himself has said he wanted not to soak up the Scandinavian DJ and his touch of country and folk well recognizable in Wake Me Up! Avicii also collaborates with Billie Joe Armstrong of the Green Day band (No Pleasing a Woman) and many other artists release dates are not announced and music is available in poor quality on different sites like YouTube.

In 2014, he has several health problems; On March 27, 2014, he was forced to cancel one of his concerts as part of the Ultra Music Festival. In particular, he has acute pancreatitis due to excessive consumption of alcohol and energy drinks. Subsequently, the gallbladder and appendix are removed, forcing him to cancel a series of concerts in the same year.

On October 3, 2014, Avicii released two new singles, which appeared in his album named Stories: The Days, a collaboration with Robbie Williams, and Lose Myself, in collaboration with Taiwanese singer Wang Lee-hom. On November 17, he unveiled a new title, The Nights, which appeared on the FIFA 15 soundtrack; the lyric video is freely inspired by that of the previous title, The Days. Was followed by Feeling Good, a cover of Nina Simone released May 12 and Waiting for Love, a collaboration with Martin Garrix and Simon Aldred, May 22, 2015.

On March 10, 2016, Avicii unveils its new title, Taste The Feeling, with Conrad Sewell, to promote the Coca Cola brand. On March 29, 2016, Avicii announced that it will definitely end its tours and shows at the end of 2016 for health reasons29. On August 28, 2016, Avicii performs for the last time on the stage of Ushuaia Ibiza. However, he does not stop the music and reveals that his next album would follow in the following months, ie late 2016-early 2017.

Back in the studio (2017-2018)

On August 3, 2017, after posting glimpses of various songs in production, Avicii announces his return and the release of his new EP, entitled Avici (01). Songs heard during his last lives, such as Without You or What Would I Change It To are part of this EP, as well as songs previously unknown such as You Be Love. A collaboration with singer Rita Ora is also announced. The EP was released on August 10, 2017, with Without You (with Sandro Cavazza) and Lonely Together (with Rita Ora) as singles.


Avicii's agent, Diana Baron, announces on April 20, 2018 that he was found dead in the afternoon in Muscat, the capital of the Sultanate of Oman, where he was on holiday with friends. The exact cause of death is then kept secret from the public.

Shortly after, following the autopsy reports, the media report that the investigators dismiss any criminal track in the cause of death. On 26 April, in an open letter, the family mentions the thesis of suicide and indicates that Avicii "could not stand it any longer and wanted peace". His agent refuses to confirm the cause of his death, without refuting this thesis.

On May 1, 2018, an article from the American site TMZ confirms the thesis of suicide. While suffering from depression for several years, the site indicates that he committed suicide by mutilation with a shard bottle. His death occurred after bleeding from cuts in the neck and wrists.

He is buried on June 8, 2018, at Stockholm Woodyard.



  • 2013: True
  • 2014: True: Avicii By Avicii (remix)
  • 2014: The Days / Nights EP (EP)
  • 2015: Stories
  • 2017: AVĪCI (01) (EP)

Awards and nominations

According to the American magazine Forbes, in 2015 Avicii is one of the 30 most influential people under 30 in the world of music42.

He is listed in the benchmark ranking of the UK's best DJ magazine DJ Magazine, in which he ranks third in 2012 and 2013.

The Dancing Astronaut site ranks Avicii first on the "Fifty greatest artists of 2013."

  • 2010: FG Awards - Best New Talent (Awarded)
  • 2010: FG Awards - best remix for New New New (awarded)
  • 2010: DJ Mag - 39th World DJ
  • 2011: DJ Mag - 6th World DJ
  • 2012: DJ Mag - 3rd World DJ
  • 2012: NRJ DJ Awards - Best International DJ of the Year (Awarded)
  • 2012: Grammy Awards - Best Dance Recording for Sunshine (Nominated)
  • 2013: NRJ DJ Awards - Best International Male DJ of the Year (Awarded)
  • 2013: DJ Mag - 3rd World DJ
  • 2013: NRJ Music Awards: International revelation of the year (named)
  • 2013: Grammy Awards - Best Dance Recording for Levels (Named)
  • 2013: MTV Europe Music Awards - best electro artist (awarded)
  • 2013: MTV Europe Music Awards - Best Swedish Artist (Awarded)
  • 2013: American Music Awards - Best Electronic Music Artist (Awarded)
  • 2014: Billboard Music Awards - Best Lyrics for Wake Me Up! (appointed)
  • 2014: NRJ DJ Awards - best electro dance album for True (awarded)
  • 2014: DJ Mag - 4th World DJ
  • 2014: Billboard Music Awards - EDM Song of the Year for Wake Me Up! (appointed)
  • 2014: Billboard Music Awards - Best Electronic Music Album for True
  • 2014: Billboard Music Awards - Best Electronic Musician
  • 2015: NRJ Music Awards: International Song of the Year for Wake Me Up!
  • 2015: NRJ DJ Awards - Best Live Performance (Awarded)
  • 2015: NRJ DJ Awards - Best International DJ (Awarded)
  • 2015: DJ Mag - 7th World DJ
  • 2016: DJ Mag - 11th World DJ
  • 2017: DJ Mag - 28th World DJ
  • 2018: DJ Mag - 15th World DJ

His official website: Official Website