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David Guetta (November 7, 1967, Paris) is a DJ and French musical producer of house music. Originally a DJ in nightclubs in the 1980s and 1990s, he founded Gum Productions and released his first album Just a Little More Love in 2001. Later, he released Guetta Blaster (2004) and Pop Life (2007). From her 2009 album, One Love that includes "When Get The Love Takes Over" (along with Kelly Rowland), "Gettin 'Over You" (along with Chris Willis, Fergie & LMFAO) and "Sexy Bitch" with Akon), the hit has reached the top 5 US, and all three hits have reached #1 in the UK. He has worked with a variety of artists including Britney Spears, Akon, Chris Willis, Kelly Rowland, Lil Wayne, Kelis, Madonna, Kid Cudi, Estelle, Fergie, Amy Palmer, K'naan, Will.i.am, LMFAO, Dane Bowers, Flo Rida, and Shakira.

David Guetta has sold over 6 million albums and 15 million singles worldwide. In 2011, Guetta was voted DJ #1 in the 'DJ Mag Top 100 DJs' survey.

In 2013, Billboard classified his song "When Love Takes Over" as the number one # 1 pop dance in all time.

Life and career

Early life

David Guetta was born on November 7, 1967, in Paris, France. His mother is of Belgian origin, and his father was a Moroccan of Jewish origin.

Career beginnings

At age 17, when Guetta was still a child, he started mixing songs in the Broad Club in Paris. He discovered house music when he heard a play by Farley Keith at a French radio station in 1987. A year later, he started his nightclubs. In 1990, he released "Nation Rap", a hip-hop song in collaboration with French rapper Sidney Duteil.

In the early 1990s, Guetta became a man and mixed songs such as Le Centrale, The Rex, Le Boy, and Folies Pigalle. Guetta's first single, released in 1994 in collaboration with American vocalist Robert Owens, called "Up & Away" was a small hit in clubs. In 1995, Guetta became the owner of the Le Palace nightclub and continued to hold parties in his club and others like the Scream parties in Les Bains Douches.

In 2001, Guetta and Joachim Garraud founded Gum Productions, and in the same year, the artist released his first single, Just a Little More Love, in collaboration with American singer Chris Willis. Willis was on holiday in France when he met Guetta. Guetta's debut album Just a Little More Love was released in 2002 through Virgin Records and sold over 300,000 copies. The next hit, Love Do not Let Me Go, was released in 2002. Guetta released a compilation in 2003, called Fuck Me I'm Famous, after the Ibiza party. He included just "Just for One Day (Heroes)," a remix of David Bowie's play, Heroes.

Guetta's second album, Guetta Blaster, was released in 2004 and contained the song "The World Is Mine" in collaboration with JD Davis. In 2006, "Love Do not Let Me Go" was re-released with The Egg's "Walking Away" Tocadisco remix. The re-released track was more successful than the original one.

Pop Life

Guetta's third album, Pop Life, was released in 2007. The album was very successful in the UK and Ireland but also in much of Europe. According to EMI, by 2010, 530,000 children worldwide have been sold. The single single, Love is Gone, came first in the American Dance Chart and reached the Billboard Hot 100.

He has concerted in many countries to promote the album. He co-starred in Mauritius in January 2008, alongside French rapper JoeyStarr. In the same year, he and his wife, Cathy, planned an event that took place in Stade de France on July 5, 2008. The event was called "UNIGHTED". He co-starred with Tiësto, Carl Cox, Joachim Garraud and Martin Solveig in front of 40,000 people.

One Love and productions for other artists

Guitar's fourth album, One Love, was released digitally on August 21, 2009, and physically released on August 24, 2009, in Europe and on August 25 in the United States. The first single on the album, "When Love Takes Over," in collaboration with Kelly Rowland, ranked No. 2 in the French singles chart and 78th in Billboard Hot 100. The second single on the album, "Sexy Bitch", in collaboration with Akon, ranked second in France and fifth in America. "One Love" (in collaboration with Estelle), "Memories" (in collaboration with Kid Cudi) and "Gettin 'Over You" (in collaboration with Chris Willis, Fergie, and LMFAO). The album was sold in 1.4 million copies since it was released according to Billboard.

Guetta also produced the I Gotta Feeling single for Black Eyed Peas, which ranks first in America, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia, and second in France.

Guetta now works with a variety of artists on next albums and projects for 2010.

Since April 2009, Guetta has a radio show on the RauteMusik online radio every Saturday night.

In 2009, Guetta was 3rd in Top 100 DJ, made by DJ Magazine, and was selected "Best DJ House" by DJ Awards in 2008.

Guetta was nominated for five Grammy Awards, three for One Love and two for his work with Black Eyed Peas. He won the Grammy Award for Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical.

Personal life

Guetta married Cathy Lobé nightclub manager in 1992. Together they have two children: a son, Tim Elvis Eric (born February 9, 2004) and a daughter, Angie (born September 23, 2007). After 22 years of marriage, in March 2014, the two initiated the divorce proceedings at a Paris court to understand the $ 30,000,000 wealth distribution.

David Guetta

David Guetta


Studio albums

  • Just A Little More Love (2002)
  • Guetta Blaster (2004)
  • Pop Life (2007)
  • One Love (2009)
  • One More Love (2010)
  • Nothing but the Beat (2011)
  • Listen (2014)
  • 7 (2018)

His official website: Official Website

David Guetta